Acoustic and materials quality together with an ideal appearance - different positive perceptions brought together in a variety of solutions for projects involving any space in order to create total well-being.

The new product range from the Elton Group with ideal features like high flexibility and ease of installation are ideal for many places ranging from large public areas to offices and homes.

Elton Group’s Topakustik is an ideal system of sound deadening strips, designed to achieve high degree of aesthetic appeal and sound quality in any architectural situation and with maximum installation flexibility.

The panels have visible horizontal millings and are pierced. The back consists of a layer of sound-deadening material.

With Topakustik, due to the jointing precision and dimensions of the strips, ideally smooth surfaces are always achieved, whether flat or curved.

Fast and simple installation is performed dry, using metal rails. The choice of different piercing and millings makes it possible to achieve ideal sound quality over the full frequency range.