The Elton Group supply Eveneer wood veneers, sourced globally in accordance with environmentally sustainable regulation and practices.

Those in the forest products industry have a responsibility to ensure protection and wise utilisation of forests to make sure they are available for future generations.

In line with advanced environmental standards for forests, water utilisation and raw material utilisation, Eveneer has a commitment to supplying environmentally friendly wood veneers, sourcing materials from forests harvested in accordance with the CITES International Trade Agreement (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

Maintaining 800 acres of Australian natural rainforest, Eveneer employ environmentally sustainable practices in the office as well by minimising paper use and reusing or recycling all packaging.

The harvesting of logs is designed to protect the environment and promote regeneration. Eveneer veneers include prefixes identifying sustainable wood sources and are made from,

  • Poplar grown in SGS and FSC certified Italian plantations,
  • Limewood grown in European managed forests and,
  • Ayous grown in Cameroon forest concessions with OLB (Origine et Legalite du Bois) certification.
Poplars have been grown in Italy for decades in high rainfall areas in Northern Italy using agricultural methods and as an alternative to corn crops. The plantations are SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance) certified for environmental sustainability.

Cameroon forest concessions operate under a concise forest management plan designed to achieve maximum sustainability and the lowest impact on the environment. Ayous veneers are sourced from the manufacturer under Cameroon forestry regulation ensuring the wood harvested is not greater than the wood volume regrowth.

Low formaldehyde urea resin is used as adhesive in the manufacturing process with European E1 Certification for formaldehyde emission. Dyes are water based aniline and meet the strict German law of Aromatic Amine, Faberstoffeverboliste.

Dedicated to pollution free processing, the manufacturers of eveneer have an operational policy in line with the strictest European Ecological Regulations. State of the art wood-dust suction systems, purification systems for water used in the dyeing process as well as environmental systems for the disposal of solvents from the plants, maintain the health and safety of the workplace. All wood scraps generated are utilised assuring maximum product yield.