Stillwall wall system, available from Elton Group , is a system of modular panels, which combines high sound absorption with a sophisticated appearance, in line with the new trends in architecture and interior design.

The original assembly system ensures high speed and simplicity of installation and the modularity creates solutions for any type of area, from offices to public areas and homes.

Stillwall comprises modules, which are 592mm high, in widths of between 3840 mm and 60 mm.

The range offers endless possibilities for solutions, which can all be assembled with maximum simplicity and speed.

The aluminium side bars allow the panels to be cut to size, giving an aesthetically ideal result.

Just like a jig-saw puzzle, Stillwall allows the user to build an environment that is not only free of noise pollution, but also visibly elegant and modern. Specially designed for Stillwall, the supporting structure slots together for fast and error-proof assembly.

The aluminium bar sections are secured to the wall and to the panels by means of just a few holes. Once the bottom bar has been fixed, assembly is completed from the bottom up, with maximum simplicity and with no need for measurements.

A special, channelled bar section allows the wall panel to be equipped with shelves and other accessories.