Elton Group  offers the Eveneer range of reconstructed timber veneers for use on walls and ceilings.  

Eveneer veneers achieve Group 1 classification when pressed onto Group 1 classified board according to Specification A2.4 of the Building Code of Australia, BCA C1.10a Fire Hazard Properties, Wall and Ceiling Linings/Coverings.  

Eveneer reconstructed timber veneers are made from three different base timbers.   

The base timbers are identified by the prefixes attached to each veneer name: 

  • eco: The base timber is poplar
  • euro: The base timber is basswood
  • even: The base timber is ayous

For testing purposes a representative veneer from each base timber type was pressed onto a BCA Group 1 certified board (19mm Arreis FR) and tested according to AS/NZS 3837:1998 Method of Test for Heat and Smoke Release Rates for materials and Products using an Oxygen Consumption Calorimeter.