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    Elton Group

    Lightweight, Environmentally Friendly Plywood by Elton Group

    EPly from Elton Group comprises a range of high quality and elegant, environmentally friendly plywoods ideal for commercial and residential applications.

    EPly’s environmental range of Poplar Plywood offers excellent surface uniformity, homogeneity, light weight and light colour and is FSC® certified, with E1 or E0 emission certification.

    Sustainable, eco friendly plywood panels

    Fully traceable, renewable, ecological, lightweight and high performance, EPly, in thicknesses from 3mm to 40mm offers the following benefits:

    • Environmentally friendly - Eply FSC 100% Poplar plywood is made from Poplar grown in FSC certified plantations. Poplars many benefits include that it grows quickly, needs less water that other crops and can withstand disease and drought, making it the most advance type of arboriculture for wood production.
    • Certified - EPly is certified both for manufacturing process, raw materials and chain of custody.
    • Less waste - Plywood panels require lower quantities of glue and guarantee higher performance, with waste limited to the small central core that remains after veneer peeling
    • Extremely uniform resistance - Eply Plywood offers all the inherent advantages of the parent wood plus enhanced properties in its laminated structure. In the longitudinal direction, poplar is 25-45 times more resistant than in the transversal. Cross laminating of adjacent sheets makes resistance equal in all directions.
    • High impact resistance - Plywood can accommodate up to twice the design load as well as distributing loads from impact over a large are to reduce tensile stress
    • Surface dimensional stability - Solid wood shows significant expansion and contraction in the direction transverse to the grain, but very little in the longitudinal plane.The cross laminated construction of EPly plywood ensures that plywood sheets remain relatively stable under changes of temperature and moisture.  
    • High strength to weight ratio - With high strength and stiffness to weight ratios, plywood is very cost effective to use in structural applications such as flooring, shear walls, formwork and webbed beams.
    • Anti-tear - Solid wood breaks easily along the grains. Thanks to its cross laminations, plywood can be nailed or screwed near the edges without danger of breaking
    • Easy construction of curved surfaces - Curved shapes can be easily obtained, by using moulds, vacuum presses or autoclaves

    Poplar plywood panels for commercial developments

    EPly poplar plywood from Elton Group is a resistant, renewable, ecological and sound material, ideal for:

    • Commercial fit outs
    • Restaurants
    • Offices
    • Buildings
    • Furniture
    • Caravans
    • Boats

    EPly from Elton Group is the ideal choice for those looking for a long lasting, environmentally sustainable plywood solution.


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