Elton Group  provides eco friendly timber veneers such as Eveneer, which is a sliced wood veneer. It is manufactured from rotary peeled timber, which is reformed to a square log followed by its re-slicing into rectangular sheets. These artificially reconstructed veneers are devoid of splits, knots, holes and discolourations.

Eveneer offered by Elton Group is also known as recut veneer. It is ideally suited for wall panelling, joinery, furniture, doors and floors. These veneers are available in standard sheet sizes which can be handled and jointed very easily.

Variety of Eveneer ranges are supplied by Elton Group including evensaltwood, evenaged-oak, evenmacassar, evensirocco, eventeak. Eveneer is manufactured in a pollution free environment using a low formaldehyde urea resin as an adhesive. Majority of Eveneer veneers have quarter cuts while few others are found to have crown pattern. These veneers exhibit various colour variations depending on the absorption of the dyes.

Eveneer sheets are slip matched using matching and joining method. Usage of timber veneers in conjunction with veneered panels prevent veneered panels from warping and bowing. The timber veneer performs a balancing function and should be of uniform thickness and strength. Finishings of Eveneers also have UV inhibitors incorporated in them to preserve the natural look of Eveneer.