Elton Group recognises that today’s design graduates are the design community of tomorrow. To all the 2020 graduates across Australia, congratulations and welcome to the design industry.

A busy year awaits these brand-new designers as they immerse themselves into a world of projects, client interactions and knowledge, and gain a fast-track appreciation of materiality.

Elton Group offers designers a broad range of options for bringing natural timber surfaces and products into spaces, ranging from traditional veneers to state-of-the-art recut veneers created in partnership with Alpi, Italy. These timber veneers have been designed to deliver the quality, texture and grain of timber in a sustainable and affordable way.

Sustainability and responsible material selection drive the world of specifications today. Veneer is one of the most environmentally efficient and economical ways to design with timber as one cubic metre of veneered natural timber can cover a surface area in excess of 1,000 square metres.

As a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified organisation, Elton Group is committed to supplying wood veneers in accordance with the latest environmental standards for forests, water and raw material utilisation.

Timber veneer production offers designers unique opportunities for innovation. To create these unique wood veneers, fast-growing timber species are transformed into infinite varieties and decorative effects through a process that peels the log, tones the wood by immersion and layers the sheets to create a new log. The making of timber veneer is a fascinating production process, where a living material such as wood is enhanced and curated in a multitude of grains and colour.

Explore Elton Group’s website to know more about the popular Eveneer timber veneer range; Eveneer Prefinished range delivering a high quality polished finish; the Alpi Designer Collections featuring veneers created in collaboration with some of the world’s leading designers, in patterns that cannot be found in nature with utterly original chromatic effects; and the truly inimitable Woodwall, a flexible veneer applied to surfaces, similar to wallpaper.

Elton Group has been supplying natural timber veneers as well as expert knowledge and service to the Australian market for over 80 years. Get in touch for assistance with product understanding, selection and specification.