Elton Group  has responded to its clients by developing the Eveneer Basics wood veneer range, featuring a range of simple yet contemporary colours and patterns.
Eveneer Basics are consistent, wide, face grade wood veneer panels that can be used as an alternative to low grade veneers.  The range also complements the existing Eveneer range, and can be used in conjunction with these veneers in projects where the backs of items can be seen.

These wood veneer panels are suited for a variety of uses, including wall paneling, modern furniture manufacture and for doors and floors.  The veneers feature simple patterns and modern colours such as chocolate oak, espresso, new jarrah and golden teak.

As with all Eveneer products, the Eveneer Basics are consistent in colour and pattern, and are free from splits, knots and holes.  This allows a more uniform look in any project, and makes matching of veneers in future additions much easier.