Eveneer timber veneer provided by Elton Group comprises of a eight step manufacturing process, which includes peeling, dyeing, drying, composition, gluing, pressing, slicing and final control. Timber logs are initially rotary peeled to form thin sheets using a peeling machine and are then cut into desired sizes.

Peeling is followed by dyeing which is necessary to impart the desired shade of colour to the sheets. It is achieved by immersing the wood sheets into steel tanks at controlled temperature followed by the addition of soluble dyes. Moisture accumulated through the dyeing process is removed by drying the veneer sheets in hot air dryers.

Dyed veneers are then mixed and superimposed with the same fibre, followed by placing these sheet packs into a gluing roller which transforms these pack of sheets into a monolilth. These glued sheets are pressed with the desired mould for achieving specific designs. Veneered sheets offered by Elton Group are available in a variety of finishes such as polyurethane, acrylic modified polyurethane and polyester finish.

Elton Group also provides Lumisty glazing films which can be applied on interior glass, acrylic as well as polycarbonate surfaces. These glazing films are also ideally suited for glass balustrades, staircases, windows, glazed partitions and computer screens.