Echolinear from the Elton Group is a new and improved sound absorbing system for ceilings and walls, comprising a streamlined fixing system, E0 certified substrate and a wider range of finishes.

Designed to achieve high aesthetic and sound quality levels with minimal effort, Echolinear sound absorbing systems combine quality materials and superior acoustic capabilities with very simple installation.

The Echolinear sound absorbing system from Elton Group is a revolutionary system of modular, slotted, sound absorbent, timber planks that fit together without the need for scres or nails, which make it fully demountable and reusable. Echolinear is made from E0, 100% FSC pure board which not only acts as an effective absorber while also bringing a pleasing warmth to the space, it is also a truly sustainable resource.

Echolinear sound absorbing systems works by allowing sound waves and air to enter into is resonance chambers through holes in the external surface. Once the sound waves are inside the chambers, they are dissipated by the friction experienced in the tunnels of air. Even if there is no free space or rockwool insulation behind the panels, the mechanism remains efficient in the absorption of medium sound waves.

Echolinear sound absorbing planks can be suspended from the ceiling or fixed to the wall, and thanks to their seamless linear and durable finish they are an ideal solution for reducing background noise in offices, restaurants, residences, auditoriums, sports facilities and anywhere acoustic comfort is desired.