Elraco Distributors  is a hardware store of furniture and cabinet. The various products offered by Elraco Distributors include abrasives, adhesives, alphabet signs and numerals, art and stationery, brackets, caps and covers, castors and glides, catches, chains, curtains and blinds, drawer runner, drill bits, edging products, fasteners, handles and knobs, hinges, hooks and kitchen accessories.

Elraco Distributors also offers locks and latches, office and media products, restoration fittings, ropes, safety products, stays, supports, swivels, table fittings, joining and KD fittings, tapes, timber products, putty and sealants, tools, vac clamp and wardrobe fittings.

The various abrasives offered by Elraco Distributors include abrasive accessories, abrasive belts, abrasive rolls, flexovit, sanding discs, sanding sheets, sanding sponges and steel wool. Applicators, PVA wood glue and hot melt are the adhesives offered by Elraco Distributors. Alphabet signs are available in brass, signs and stainless steel materials.

Elraco Distributors provide brackets such as angle bracket, bed bracket, mirror bracket, shelf brackets, table brackets and trunk. Catches like barrel bolt, case catch, cupboard catch, hasp and staple are also available. Drawer runners from Elraco Distributors include file frames, HARN runner, standard runners, pocket doors, plastic runners and metal solid drawers.