Elmwood Designs  manufacture traditional design garden furniture suiting both commercial and domestic use. The furniture produced by Elmwood Designs is used in shopping centers, private institutions and government bodies. The various furniture offered by Elmwood Designs include garden furniture, street/park furniture and mall furniture. All the furniture of Elmwood Designs is given a finish with Aussie clear. This oil adds beauty to the timber without allowing it to age gracefully to a silvery grey.

The mall furniture is manufactured from high quality timbers using tenon and mortice joinery. Different colours and styles of mall furniture are provided to suit the customers’ needs and décor. Bins and planters are given as compliments along with benches. Each piece of furniture is given two pack polishes that are highly durable and easily maintained.

Park furniture from Elmwood Designs include benches, logos, parkland B.B.Q settings, rubbish bins and wheelie bin surrounds. Garden furniture from Elmwood Designs includes traditional English bench, serpentine bench, arched back bench, benches with fretwork, backless benches, tables, coffee tables, patio/courtyard setting and tree surround.