VGM green wall modules from Elmich Australia have been installed at Fujitsu headquarters in Melbourne to create an internal north facing green wall.

Specified by Woodhead International, the green wall modules were installed by GreenRooms Gardens and Landscapes and utilised Black Mondo Grass.

Liquid fertiliser is distributed throughout the green wall modules by irrigation lines while a retention tray at the base stores overflow solution which is reticulated.

VGM green walls are comprised of vertical modules that are assembled from high strength lightweight structural panels and incorporate interlocking snap-on clips to facilitate assembly.

These modules feature a geotextile liner which can be filled with a suitable planting mix and up to 16 plants per module can be planted.

VGM green wall modules from Elmich are pre-planted in a nursery environment to so that the plants have time for proper establishment before site installation.

The modules can be fastened to the wall using steel bolts or can be inserted into a free standing steel support racking structure.