Elmich Australia  supply attractive vertical green wall systems that are simple to install and provide a cost effective way of greening internal and external walls.

Elmich’s green wall systems offer specifiers design flexibility, enabling them to create aesthetically pleasing, heat and sound insulated walls. Vertical green walls can also cater for a wide range of plant species grown in diverse climatic and environmental conditions.

Vertical green wall systems incorporate robust modules that are assembled from high strength recycled plastic panels. A geotextile bag within the module contains specifically formulated lightweight, high water retention capacity growing media. The modules are pre-planted in a nursery environment, to allow plant establishment and are then installed onto walls using proprietary anchoring systems.

Elmich’s green wall systems offer a range of advantages including: 

  • High strength 
  • Easy to assemble and install 
  • Facilitates active plant growth 
  • Modules are easily replaced 
  • Enhances site and building value 
  • Improves heat insulation of building structures 
  • Improves sound insulation 
  • Enhances air quality
They are also suitable for use as building facades, screen walls, walkways, and feature walls.

The Elmich green wall system is finding increased world-wide popularity and offers an important option to address climate change issues by contributing to the development of sustainable high performance buildings and to the health and wellbeing of citizens.