Elmich Australia , designers and manufacturers of landscape engineering products, have developed a do-it-yourself vertical green wall system.

The snap-together Elmich Vertical Greening Modules (VGMs) and a wall mounted support system enable the cost effective greening of internal and external walls and facades and are ideal for apartment dwellings, commercial buildings or rear yards with unsightly walls.

Elmich VGMs offer specifiers design flexibility to create aesthetically pleasing heat and sound insulated walls.

The modules cater for a diverse range of plant species grown in lightweight media supported in a geotextile bag contained within the module.

The modules incorporate high strength, UV resistant lightweight panels and are manufactured from 100% recycled plastics. Depth adjustment from 100-210mm enables a wide range of plants to be grown in diverse climatic conditions.

The geotextile is cut and plants inserted. Modules are 'grown out' in a nursery environment to ensure proper establishment (right) before installation on site.

Metal support frames are secured to each module and anchored onto pilasters that are mechanically fastened to walls. The support frame and pilasters are manufactured from stainless steel with a powder coated finish.

An attractive internal green wall at the Fujitsu Headquarters in Melbourne incorporating Elmich VGMs was specified by Woodhead and designed and installed by Green Rooms Gardens & Landscapes.

An aesthetically pleasing internal green wall incorporating a range of plant species at the Zenith Building in Chatswood Sydney utilising Elmich VGMs was designed and installed by Green Rooms Gardens & Landscapes.

The 'Salad Bar' designed and installed by Turf Design Studio using Elmich VGMs incorporates a range of vegetables and herbs. Drip irrigation lines are installed between each layer of modules and a collection tray captures overflow irrigation water for re-use. The Elmich VGMs are easy to replace to allow for design changes including plant replacement.