VersiWeb from Elmich Australia  is a geosynthetic cellular confinement system that incorporates a matrix of ultrasonically welded lightweight, expandable and flexible thermoplastic strips.

When filled with granular materials, VersiWeb geosynthetic cellular confinement systems create a three dimensional erosion barrier and structural bridge that evenly distributes weight-bearing loads.

Suitable for use in retaining infill in gravity retaining and free standing walls, embankments, and barriers, VersiWeb enhances drainage, eliminates hydrostatic pressure, and effectively controls erosion as the cells within the system protect movement of the infill. Furthermore, the strength of the infill is enhanced by confining material within each cell.

Key features of VersiWeb geosynthetic cellular confinement systems include:

  • ultrasonic welding of cell joints ensures maximum strength
  • high seam weld strength (>560N) that withstands shear from high weight bearing loads
  • cell heights ranging from 50mm to 200mm
  • rapid installation that conforms to most terrain profiles
  • collapsible cells providing transport and site storage economies.
Ideal applications for VersiWeb cellular confinement systems include:
  • slope and channel protection
  • earth retention
  • load support.
Easy to install, VersiWeb geosynthetic cellular confinement systems conform to most terrain profiles ensuring maximum strength and stability.