Elmich Australia  offers the VersiWall GP solution for creating an affordable, attractive living greenwall.

VersiWall GP simplifies the process of greening up available wall space, making the solution ideal for balconies, courtyards, gardens and verandas. Homeowners can choose their preferred plants and even set up a vertical herb garden.

VersiWall GP features a mounting panel screw fixed to the wall with the VersiWall GP trays simply hooking onto the panel. An anti-lift arm secures the tray in place. The mounting panel minimises wall penetrations and can be safely installed by one person.

Once the mounting panel is in place, the trays can be placed in unique configurations to suit one’s preferences. Though the trays are designed with a reservoir to support the plants between watering, an irrigation system can be considered to reduce maintenance.

Homeowners can use the individual trays in the VersiWall GP living greenwall solution to rotate crops, replace plants and also use different soil types to create a diverse plant pallet.

Key features of VersiWall GP living greenwall solution:

  • Mounting panel simplifies installation and reduces penetrations
  • Anti-lift arms prevent accidental dislodging of trays
  • Efficient drainage design with excess water flowing into underlying tray
  • Baffle plate distributes irrigation
  • Allows plant density with variable vertical and horizontal spacing
  • Reservoir for each tray
  • Irrigation concealed between and to the rear of trays
  • Trays can be installed on different mounting options