Many homeowners are seeking ways to cost effectively fill-in their swimming pools and improve their water management and are more often turning to water storage due to water restrictions and increased water costs.  

VersiTanks offer swimming pool owners an efficient and cost effective way to in-fill pools and allow rainwater to be captured and stored within the pool confines under landscaped areas, so that the stored water may be used to irrigate landscaped areas.  

VersiTank water management systems are easily assembled on-site using high strength panels. Assembled modules are interlocked thereby ensuring that the water storage system remains stable within the pool confines under the landscaped area.  

The surface of the installed VersiTank water management system is covered with a permeable geotextile. Soil mix is positioned on this geotextile, and turf and landscape plants are then installed. The geotextile allows rain and irrigation water from landscaped areas to infiltrate into the VersiTank water storage system.

A leaf and silt filtration screen ensures that particulate matter within water from down pipes and impermeable areas does not enter the water storage tanks.  

VersiTank water storage units have the capacity to cater for rainwater run-off from individual houses up to the large commercial and industrial developments. The water management system may also be tailored to specific storm water infiltration, detention or retention requirements.  

VersiTanks have been used extensively on many public and private sector water management projects including a major parking lot at the City of Vincent in Perth, WA , the Hunterview Estates at Singleton, NSW and for water storage under large highway underpasses in Singapore. VersiTank water management systems are available from Elmich.