VersiTank stormwater management tanks by Elmich were installed at the Punggol Waterfront Promenade in Singapore.

Part of the Urban Redevelopment Authority's (URA) Parks and Waterbodies and Identity Plans, which envisage the coastal and waterfront areas of Punggol as a recreational and leisure destination for the residents of North-east Singapore, the Punggol Waterfront Promenade is designed to provide seamless public access to the entire Punggol waterfront and serve as a recreational corridor to support future waterfront housing and a range of developments.

The 4.9km promenade including a 0.6 ha park at Punggol Point, will link the proposed sports and recreational clusters in Punggol Point and Sungei Serangoon and park connectors along the Punggol and Serangoon rivers.

VersiTank stormwater management tanks by Elmich were installed in the park for stormwater infiltration by positioning them in excavated pits and then enveloping the tanks with geotextile filter fabric. Layers of sand and aggregate were placed above and topped with a final sand layer to create a ‘dry pond’ feature. Solids, including mud and clay in the water are filtered out as it readily passes into the tank. Water in the tank then infiltrates into the surrounding substrate or discharges via overflow pipes into the drainage system, preventing water-logging and or ponding where the tanks are installed.

VersiTank stormwater management system reduces the peak rate and total volume of stormwater runoff, as well as the amount of suspended solids and pollutants in stormwater runoff from the playground and exercise station. 

Aboveground, particulates and their associated pollutants are filtered as runoff passes slowly and evenly into the tank. Belowground, pollutants slowly infiltrate into the soil where they may be immobilised and/or decomposed by plants and microbes. 

Functioning as a stormwater infiltration and detention facility, the VersiTank stormwater management system offers a cost-effective way to control water runoff, improve water quality, mitigate downstream flooding, and enhance the aesthetics of the promenade and park.

VersiTank stormwater management tanks are available in Australia from Elmich Australia .