The increasing urbanisation of cities has led to an increase in the number of impermeable surface such as roofs, cars parks, driveways and roads. Consequently storm water surface run off can lead to flooding and water pollution.

This excess stormwater is also a valuable resource and VersiTank from Elmich Australia provides an efficient and affordable alternative to storm water management.

Conventional drainage systems often capture rain water run off from urban areas and channel this excess water to be collected or discharged at outlet points. These systems often require expensive installation and maintenance techniques.

VersiTank is a robust, modular tank made from recycled polypropylene that allows either sub-surface infiltration or storage tank of storm water.

The benefits offered to architects, engineers and homeowners include the following:

  • Storm water run off is controlled at the source
  • Water can be temporary stored underground for later use
  • Storm water can be infiltrated into the surrounding soil;and
  • Improved drainage of landscaped areas.
VersiTank stormwater tanks are available in several sizes and load-bearing capacities catering for the requirement of individual houses up to the largest commercial and industrial developments.

For more information please visit the Elmich Australia website.