Elmich Australia , an innovative designer and manufacturer of products for the landscape and construction industries, offers a range of paver, beam and decking support products.

VersiPave high strength adjustable paver supports cater for a wide range of pavers on decks, balconies and swimming pool surrounds.

VersiPave offers architects and specifiers ideal design options compared to conventional methods of laying pavers on heavy sand and screed beds.

VersiPave replaces bedding sand and screeds and reduces weight bearing loads on building structures. VersiPave eliminates efflorescence and algae formation and improves acoustic and thermal insulation.

VersiPave caters for height adjustments, in 1mm increments, ranging from 24mm to 35mm. 10 and 30mm extenders enable height support up to 150mm.

VersiPave are not adhered or mechanically fastened to the substrate and allow easy access to waterproofing membranes and services, concealed within the cavity space.

VersiPave will support 2400kg and adjustable chocks compensate for substrate falls, in any direction and paver thickness variation.


  • Balconies and patios
  • Decks and podiums
  • Water features
  • Pool surrounds
  • Courtyards