VersiPave, available from Elmich Australia , is a range of height adjustable paver support pedestals designed to support raised pavers cost-effectively.

VersiPave helps create a surface cavity to conceal services, improve heat and sound insulation and facilitate rapid surface drainage while allowing waterproofing and services to remain accessible.

VersiPave height adjustable paver support pedestals also provide an economical solution for raised pavers with inconsistent or uneven thickness. Additionally, it reduces efflorescence, algae growth and paving installation costs.

Engineered by Elmich to reduce material, construction and lifecycle costs while installing raised pavers, the VersiPave paver support pedestal is height adjustable from 24mm to 45mm, which may be increased up to 105mm using VP-20E and/or VP-40E extenders.

Suitable for balconies, swimming pool surrounds and courtyards, VersiPave can also be separated into halves or quarters, allowing flush placement along wall edges and also around or into corners.

Key benefits delivered by VersiPave paver support pedestals include height adjustability from a minimum height of 24mm up to 45mm with progressive 1mm height adjustment; accommodates pavers of inconsistent thickness; supports Green Building certification; easy to install, cost effective and lightweight; made from 100% recycled materials; reduces construction time; and reusability allows use in temporary paving or retrofitting.

VersiPave paver support pedestals also offer several construction benefits. For instance, the pedestals enable easy and convenient height extensions and adjustments with individually adjustable chocks accommodating any difference in paver thickness. VersiPave also eliminates any requirement for sand bedding or cement screed, reducing the load burden on building structures as well as installation time and costs. There is no need for joint sealants and grouts as expansion and contraction of pavers do not result in unsightly cracks.

Manufactured from recycled materials that meet EU RoHS requirements, VersiPave paver support pedestals have high compressive strength; with extenders up to 105mm, they deliver a compressive strength of ≥ 25 kN.