On building structures where weight bearing load needs to be minimised, being able to pave without using heavy bedding sand or screeds is an important advantage. VersiPave®GP high strength, adjustable, plastic paver supports from Elmich Australia meet these needs.

VersiPave®GP enables pavers to be installed without the need for sand or screeds, making it ideal for applications where weight minimisation is a priority, such as roof tops, balconies or decks.

VersiPave®GP does not need to be adhered or fixed into place mechanically, enabling access service cables or pipes to be laid easily underneath. If leaks occur, the waterproofing membrane can also be reached easily.

Made from 100% recycled plastics, VersiPave®GP is lightweight, but strong enough to support a 2,400 kg load.

VersiPave®GP is also able to adjust for falls in the roof slab or for variations in the thickness of the pavers. Each pedestal has four integrated raised chocks which can be adjusted in 1mm increments, from 24mm to 35mm.

10mm and 30mm "snap on" extenders are available that can raise the height of the paving base up to 150mm. This can be extremely useful in allowing the paved surface to be level with door openings, for example.

VersiPave®GP prevents pavers from being affected by mould or algae, and efflorescence is eliminated because pavers are not embedded in sand or screeds. The rapid drainage facilitated by VersiPave®GP significantly reduces weight-bearing loads on building structures.

VersiPave®GP is suitable for rooftops, decks, balconies, swimming pool surrounds, water features, courtyards, patios and more. Each VersiPave®GP unit can be sectioned into halves or quarters to fit along edges and corners.

VersiPave®GP is suitable for both short and long term applications.