Elmich , manufacturer and marketer of landscape engineering products, has introduced VersiJack LH, a stackable, low height support system for pavers, beams and decking.

VersiJack LH has particular application in the construction of roof terraces, pedestrian walkways, roof gardens and balconies.

VersiJack LH supports pavers, beams and decking at heights ranging from 22mm to 75mm.

VersiJack LH is easy to install and is an efficient and cost effective alternative to brick, metal and timber support systems.

VersiJack LH is not mechanically fastened and allows easy access to waterproofing membranes and services, concealed within the cavity space.

VersiJack LH will support 3,000kg and an adjustable head compensates for slopes up to 5%. VersiJack LH comprises several stackable components to achieve the required height. Rubber shims provide for fine adjustment, when required.