Elmich Australia ’s VersiJack decking and paver supports provide cost-effective, free draining and membrane protection for paving and decking around on roof gardens, balconies and around swimming pools.

The supports eliminate the need for sand or screeds when paving and replacing brick piers for decking, and the VersiJack decking and paver supports help to reduce the weight and installation time for pavers and decks in every type of setting.

David Oliver, Elmich Managing Director, explained, "VersiJack is an adaptable product that delivers plenty of advantages," "VersiJack telescopic or stackable pedestals makes it possible to adjust for height in minute increments up to one metre. Plus its integrated slope compensator also caters for up to 5% falls in the slab."

VersiJack contains a bearer support that allows 50-85mm bearers to be fastened to the unit. With the bearers anchored to the perimeter walls, VersiJack supports can then be positioned on the water poof membrane without causing damage.
At a recent upgrade at the University of Adelaide, South Australia, VersiJack was used to support pavers on extensive courtyard and walkway areas. Rainwater quickly disperses through the gaps between pavers and is drained away. Removing bedding sand substantially reduced the weight bearing load on the building structure, and the air gap between the paver and the water proofed slab also helps to create a cooler building and reduces sound transmission to the level below.

In Brisbane, VersiJack paver supports were used at 'Waterplay' fun park to support 200mm concrete slabs, raised 900mm off the base structure. VersiJack paver supports were chosen because they ensured a perfectly level surface was achieved. The supports also provided ready access to services beneath.

VersiJack adjustable paver supports are available in two styles:

  • VersiJack LH for low height requirements, with the supports adjustable in height from 22mm to 75mm using 5mm, 10mm and 20mm extenders
  • VersiJack 75 with adjustment from 75mm to 150mm and with extenders (ranging in 75mm to 112mm) may be increased in height to 1.0 metre

A slope corrector is incorporated in both units to compensate for slopes up to 5%.

VersiJack paver supports offer numerous important benefits:

  • Air ventilation, and heat and noise insulation is facilitated 
  • Can accommodate warped timber and varying paver thicknesses 
  • Eliminates the use of bedding sand and screeds when paving and replaces brick or metal piers in decking applications, reducing weight bearing loads on building structures 
  • Fast-to-install, cost effective and lightweight facilitating onsite handling 
  • Loads of up to 1.5 tonne per unit are supported 
  • Promotes rapid drainage, enhancing surface safety 
  • Services are concealed but may be easily accessed if required 
  • Unaffected by mould, algae and soil borne chemicals 
  • Water proofing membranes are not penetrated