Elmich Australia  have introduced VersiFlex, a flexible drainage cell for use in planter boxes and on roof gardens, retaining walls and road ways. VersiFlex drainage cell offers architects and developers an efficient, low cost alternative to competitive sub-surface drainage products.

VersiFlex modules are 30mm high and easy to install, by interlocking in the same plane to one another or by butting together without interlocking. VersiFlex has a compressive strength of 69t/m² making it ideal for use in planter boxes and on roof gardens.

VersiFlex acts as a protection layer over waterproofing membranes, eliminating the need for protection screeds. VersiFlex has a narrow-profile, open surface design and high internal void volume enabling the rapid capture and transport of high water volumes and efficient drainage.

VersiFlex conforms to uneven and curved surfaces such as retaining walls. VersiFlex stackable and nestable modules reduce on-site storage space requirements and transportation costs. VersiFlex 500x500x30mm modules may be interlocked to form large flexible panels or can be simply butted together.

VersiFlex drainage cell can be used in the following applications:

  • Balconies and patios
  • Decks and podiums
  • Water features
  • Pool surrounds
  • Courtyards

VersiFlex provides an efficient sub-surface drainage system for the 1600sqm playing surface. Large pre-assembled VersiFlex panels are lightweight and rapidly installed. VersiFlex will withstand the weight of mechanical equipment.