Elmich provides the VersiDrain 10 Geo sub soil drainage system as an addition to their landscape engineering solutions.

The Versidrain 10 Geo drainage system is a high compressive strength and high flow rate studded plastic sheet that provides effective drainage and waterproof membrane protection on foundation walls and other underground structures.

An integrated non-woven geotextile covering the studs on the drainage system prevents soil particles blocking the drainage sheet.

The Versidrain 10 Geo also creates an air gap for reliable ventilation and allows inflow and transport of water from surrounding soil.

The durable stud structure effectively captures and transports high water volumes and resists high loads from earth and formwork.

The VersiDrain 10 Geo drainage system is installed with the geotextile facing the backfill and can be used vertically at depths of up to 10 metres.