Elmich Australia 's TurfPave creates attractive turf or decorative gravel driveways and overflow car parks. Many people would prefer the look of a grassed or decorative gravel driveway or car park over an unsightly concrete or asphalt one. With the important issue of drainage to consider, a porous surface such as turf or gravel enables rainwater to infiltrate into the sub-grade mitigating flooding.

Apart from the environmental benefits, allowing water infiltration means that developments are more likely to meet local planning water permeability guidelines, eliminating the need to install costly storm water management systems.

According to said David Oliver, Managing Director, Elmich Australia, until now, it has been difficult to use turf in moderate use traffic areas, because of the problem of the earth being compacted, eventually killing the root system resulting in unattractive worn areas. Elmich Australia's TurfPave delivers a suitable solution. It is installed under the turf surface and stabilises the soil, allowing rainwater to permeate and drain away.

Manufactured from recycled plastics, TurfPave's high strength modules interlock and can accommodate heavy vehicle load requirements up to the latest generation fire engines. TurfPave is also practical because it can conform to uneven areas making it simple to install and adaptable for use in many applications.

TurfPave has been installed in many public and private sector settings in recent years, including the Sydney Olympic Village, the Sydney Academy of Sports and in projects across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

TurfPave offers architects and developers a practical grassed alternative to concrete and asphalt driveways, parking lots and walkways and can avoid having to install costly storm water management systems associated with impervious surfaces such as bitumen, pavers or asphalt.

TurfPave also offers the advantage of protecting trees adjacent to car parking bays by allowing water and oxygen to penetrate through to the feeder roots. Furthermore, it breaks up the mass of bitumen and concrete surfaces thus providing a softer appearance in the landscape.

TurfPave can be used in the following applications:

  • Vehicle parking lots
  • Emergency vehicle roads
  • Golf courses
  • Street shoulder areas
  • Slope stabilisation

TurfPave can withstand vehicle usage and provides an attractive and effective alternative to impermeable hard surfaces. TurfPave stabilises gravel and facilitates water drainage.