There are many reasons why biophilic design and architecture has increased in popularity in recent years. Research shows that incorporating more greenery in interior spaces can lead to happier and healthier users; improved air quality, reduced stress and quicker recovery from illness.[i] Additionally, by including plants in the design of a building, architects and designers can increase its overall thermal performance.

Sydneysiders have become more familiar with the concept of biophilic design, particularly after the high profile development, One Central Park, was completed in 2013. The building, designed by French design group Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Foster and Partners and Australia’s PTW achieved a 5-Star Green Star Design rating and won a slew of awards including the accolade of Best Tall Building in the World from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) based at Chicago’s Illinois Institute of Technology.[ii]

Research has proven that exposing patients to natural environments can increase their recovery rate. In 1984, Roger Ulrich pioneered a study, which showed that patients recovered quicker when overlooking a scene of nature compared with observing an urban scene.[iii] In Brisbane, the Lady Cilento Children’s hospital, completed in 2014, features a range of natural elements to aid patient recovery. Natural light, open space and diverse plant life are featured in the project’s landscape architecture. The hospital, designed by Conrad Gargett Lyons, won the prestigious Future Health Award at the 2014 Design and Health International Academy Awards. The sloped Greenroof and the Greenwalls are constructed using 1630 Elmich VGM Greenwall modules.

Elmich is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative landscape engineering products. Its newest product, VersiWall® GT is a modular green wall system. Flexible and cost effective it offers architects and builders flexible and cost-effective solutions to create living walls for both indoor and outdoor greenery. The fixture is made up of rows of pilasters onto which the trays and irrigation systems can hook on. The extremely durable VersiWall® GT is manufactured from aluminum. Most importantly it fulfills fire safety requirements for indoor green walls. The most distinctive features of the VersiWall® GT are its simple installation, integrated irrigation and a tray liner that allows trays to be pre-planted in order to speed up installation time which allows the a fully mature wall to be installed.