Elmich Australia  is pleased to announce the introduction of SpiraPave low height decking supports. SpiraPave decking supports are high strength, easy-to-install bearer supports for low height decks.

SpiraPave low height decking supports are made from recycled plastic and can cater for 50 to 85mm timber bearers. SpiraPave low height decking supports are easy to install and can support up to 2.5 tonnes per unit.

For low height decking installations of 17mm to 87 mm, SpiraPave decking supports offer many advantages.

"Units can be individually adjusted in 1mm height increments to cater for varying decking heights”, said David Oliver, Elmich Managing Director. "A slope corrector is also incorporated to compensate for slopes of up to 5%.”

Part of a total range of complementary components, SpiraPave supports decking from 80mm up to 1050mm and can be integrated with Elmich's VersiJack.

Advantages of SpiraPave low height decking supports include:

  • 17 to 87 mm height range in 1 mm increments 
  • Caters for warped 50 to 85 mm bearers 
  • Made from recycled plastic and withstands up to 2.5 tonnes 
  • Rot proof and simple to install 
  • Light-weight compared to brick, metal or timber supports systems 
  • Smooth base does not damage waterproof membranes
David Oliver continued to explain that SpiraPave low height decking supports were developed in response to requests to supply a low height ultra strong decking support that could cater for warped timber. "It does not require specialised labour to install and unlike timber support systems does not rot, warp or absorb water nor provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects" he said.

"For ease of installation, long term reliability and flexible adjustability, we believe it offers a vastly superior solution for low height decking in all types of situations," said Oliver.