Elmich Australia  is relaunching the VersiJack paver and decking support in the Australian market.

VersiJack paver and decking supports are part of an innovative range of landscape engineering products designed and distributed by Elmich Australia for the landscape industry.

Designed to meet various building landscape requirements, Elmich’s evolving product range includes underground water storage systems, rooftop landscaping, green walls and drainage cells among others.

VersiJack paver and decking support has been Australia’s paving and decking pedestal of choice for over 10 years, providing stable foundation for decks and terraces on rooftops, balconies and podiums.

The VersiJack is height adjustable using three main components: Top, Extender and Base. The extenders can be screwed into the base manually or the unique VersiJack turning tool connected to a power drill can wind each extender into the base in seconds, vastly reducing labour costs. The desired height is then secured with the integrated locking ring.

Key features of VersiJack paver and decking supports:
  • Handles shallow heights (starting at 37mm) and ensures faster installation
  • Accommodates a wider range of design parameters at reduced costs
  • Incorporates a cavity for services to be concealed
  • Eliminates surface ponding
  • Lightweight design
  • Does not require mechanical fixings, keeping the waterproof membrane accessible and intact
  • Height adjustable from 37mm to 1016mm
  • Integrated slope corrector creates a level surface on falls up to 5%
  • New slope corrector in the base plate allows pedestals to stand vertical with no requirement for shims
  • Made entirely from recycled material
  • Supports up to 15Kn live load