The McDonald’s restaurant at Singapore’s Jurong Central Park has been designed to blend into the green environs of the park.

The Jurong Central Park is an 8-ha regional park in the Jurong West area across from the Boon Lay MRT Station and Jurong Point. The park site retains its existing wetland to complement the existing plants at the site while also serving as a habitat and magnet for dragonflies, birds and other wildlife species, bringing nature back to the urban environment.

To blend into the park ambiance and also to return green space that was lost when the restaurant was built, an entire mushroom-shaped roof was planted on the venue. Crowned by the extensive green roof, McDonald's Jurong Central Park is McDonald's first ever green restaurant in Singapore. The green roof reflects sustainability goals and demonstrates McDonald's commitment to environmental stewardship by providing an eco-friendly workplace and restaurant.

The Elmich Green Roof system was used for the greening of the mushroom-shaped roof at McDonald's Jurong Central Park. 

VersiDrain 25P water retention and drainage trays, the principal component of Elmich Green Roof were installed over the concrete mushroom-shaped roof of the restaurant to facilitate efficient drainage of excess water and allow water and soluble nutrients stored in the cells to be returned, via evaporation and capillary action, to the primarily inorganic planting medium during dry periods. This effectively reduces irrigation frequency and maintains healthy plant growth. The resultant green roof blends seamlessly into the green environment of the park.

Apart from enhancing the aesthetic appearance and helping in assimilation into green surroundings, the greening of the roof protects the rooftop waterproofing as well as the roof skin itself from extreme UV exposure. Ambient temperature is considerably reduced and the interior of the building kept cool, even though its exterior faces the full brunt of the sun. The restaurant is consequently able to save on energy consumption through lower air-conditioning requirements as well as mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE).

Elmich Green Roof is available in Australia from Elmich Australia .