Elmich Australia  designs and creates innovations in landscape engineering, developing customised solutions for residential, commercial, infrastructural and industrial projects.

An inner city building in Sydney has been given a new lease of life with a complete refurbishment including the establishment of an attractive 1300m² rooftop garden.

The building had two large upper level areas that were ideally suitable for conversion to roof garden environments.

"We aimed to create attractive, colourful and low maintenance functional rooftop garden areas,” said Michael Fague, Project Manager at Mainbrace Constructions.

Mainbrace was awarded the construction contract to refurbish and extend the building into upmarket strata office space by the developers, Cornerstone Property Group.

Vital to the success of the design of the garden areas was the role played by Elmich's range of innovative landscape engineering products. VersiDrain 25P drainage trays and water retention trays were installed in the shallow planted areas.  

"We specified VersiDrain 25P trays as they enable water to be stored and later reused while enabling free drainage of excess water,” said Paul Hardyman, Director Landscape Architecture at Urbis, a major Australian and internationally recognised consulting firm.

Geotextile was laid over the VersiDrain trays, followed by lightweight growing media, plants, colourful scoria and a range of coloured decorative gravels.

VersiCell lightweight drainage cells, covered with geotextile and decorative gravel have been installed at the perimeter areas to allow excess drainage water from the large shallow planted areas to disperse to drainage outlets.

Made from recycled plastic, VersiCell protects the waterproof membrane and can withstand heavy loads such as large trees and the weight of vehicles when installed under roadways and playing fields.

Mainbrace Constructions also selected VersiJack high strength adjustable bearer supports for large decking areas. Also manufactured from recycled plastic, VersiJack unlike brick, metal or timber support systems do not damage the waterproofing membrane or rust, rot, warp, absorb and retain water.

A secure bearer support accommodates even warped 45-85mm width bearers.  

“All of the elements used in the construction of the roof gardens were specified because they deliver visually appealing, highly functional and low maintenance recreational space areas,” said Michael Fague.