A living green wall built using Elmich VersiWall GM (VGM) was able to withstand a super typhoon that hit the Chinese province of Fujian in 2016. With a wind speed of around 170 km/h, the typhoon ‘Meranti’ – the strongest to hit China in nearly 70 years – made landfall in Xiamen City, Fujian, bringing heavy showers and causing major disruptions to the electricity and water supplies. The typhoon affected more than 3.2 million homes located in the region.

However, the Elmich VersiWall green wall at the JI Hotel Xiamen on Zhongshan Road, Pedestrian Street passed the real test of nature with flying colours.

Living wall facade

Measuring six metres in height, the green wall welcomes visitors to the hotel and is an excellent identifying feature for tourists unfamiliar with the new environment. The green wall also improves ambient air quality and contributes to keeping the hotel building cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

High wind uplift resistance

Certified by an independent international test authority, VGM withstands wind uplift from various directions up to 110 km/h, preventing individual modules from accidentally getting dislodged from the high wall during inclement weather.

Added security

In this particular application, pilaster mounting rails were bolted directly to the wall to facilitate firm and secure anchorage of the VGM modules to the wall. Anti-lift arms inserted between the modules provided added security by locking the modules to the mounted pilaster rails.

Elmich green wall systems

Elmich’s green wall systems include VersiWall GM, VersiWall GP and VersiWall GT.

Image: Elmich VersiWall GM mounting system is equipped with anti-lift arms and proprietary anchoring pilaster system