The VersiDrain 25P from Elmich Australia was installed under the greenroof on a new sustainable building in Forest Lodge, Sydney. 

Chris Knierim of Designer Constructions is passionate about sustainable buildings, and decided to design and build his own. Buying a very small plot of land next to his home, Chris designed a sustainable house that maximised the use of every square inch and reduced the energy consumption of the building. 

Roof solar panels heat up underground storage cells to provide heating and hot water for the home.

Rainwater that falls on the site is collected in underground water storage tanks to irrigate beautiful Greenwalls that have been installed to maximise the space in the small courtyard garden.

The super insulating greenroof uses Elmich VersiDrain 25P, a highly effective range of greenroof drainage cells. VersiDrain 25P sits underneath the greenroof and acts as a reservoir, and a drainage layer. The 6L/m² water stored in the cells support the plants between irrigation.