Elmich Australia was commissioned to supply a 300m³ modular underground stormwater reuse tank system under a large landscaped garden at an apartment complex in Holroyd, New South Wales.

The tank system at the Holroyd Gardens Apartment Complex also needed to withstand the weight of light maintenance equipment. 

Elmich installed VersiTanks 550 modules assembled and interlocked on site, positioned in an excavated area and enveloped with a sandwich containing an inner layer of geotextile, a low density polyethylene inner impermeable liner and an outer geotextile layer.

Covered with a 250mm soil mix, lawn and landscaped species, the system withstands the weight of light maintenance equipment.

Storm water from the apartment complex passes into a leaf/silt trap into the underground stormwater tank and is then pumped to irrigate a large landscaped area.