Elmich  have introduced Vertical Greening Modules and a wall mounted support system that enables the cost effective greening of internal and external walls and facades.

Elmich Vertical Greening Modules cater for a wide range of plant species grown in lightweight media supported in a geotextile bag contained within the module.

Depth adjustment from 100-210mm enables a diverse Variety of plants to be grown in a range of climatic conditions.

The Elmich Vertical Greening Modules incorporate high Strength, UV resistant lightweight panels and are manufactured from 100% recycled plastics.

The Elmich Vertical Greening Modules are pre-planted in a nursery environment to allow proper establishment to occur before installation on site.

The metal support frames for Vertical Greening Modules are anchored onto pilasters that are mechanically fastened to walls. The support frame and pilasters are manufactured from stainless steel with a powder coated finish.

Drip irrigation lines are normally installed between each layer of Vertical Greening Modules. The collection trays may be positioned at ground level to capture overflow irrigation water, which may be discharged or recycled.