The Elmich Green Roof System from Elmich Australia incorporates Evalon UV and root resistant waterproofing membrane, VersiCell and VersiFlex drainage modules, VersiDrain 25P water retention and drainage trays, geotextile filter fabric and VersiWeb growing media confinement cells. Elmich lightweight growing media with excellent water holding capacity is available and a range of plant species are suggested for specific environmental conditions. 

The system is applicable to both existing and new concrete roof structures and results in reduced energy costs, enhanced building value through the creation of roof top recreational and commercial areas, reduction in air and water-borne pollutants, minimised inter level noise transfer and increased on-site water retention resulting in reduced run-off to storm water systems.  

Green Roof Technologies Pty Ltd offer design and installation services and warranties where Elmich Green Roof System Products are employed. 

Specifications include:

  • Evalon: UV stable, root and rot resistant 
  • Drainage cell rate: < 16.5 l.m.s 
  • Retention tray capacity: < 6.1 l/m²
  • Growth media weight (saturated): < 600kg/m³ 
  • Growth media depth: > 100mm  
Components are resistant to soil chemicals, fertilizers, moulds and algae.