Leading manufacturer of landscape engineering products, Elmich Australia operates a global network of distributors to help create a greener landscape worldwide.
The Elmich effect is now being seen and appreciated globally with several of their building and landscape solutions implemented at prestigious projects across the world.
Elmich VGM Green Wall at Fashion Valley Mall, San Diego, California

Installed in August 2012, the Elmich Green Wall complements the plaza and meeting place perfectly at the Fashion Valley Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in California. Installed by Elmich’s US distributor Tournesol Siteworks, this Green Wall is amongst several outstanding VGM modular living walls in the US including at the Amazon HQ in Seattle and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Texas.
Installed in five days, the Fashion Valley Mall Green Wall spans an area of 75m² and comprises of 250 VGM modules and 4000 plants.
Waterplay Fountain at Clarke Quay, Singapore

Beneath the pavers and invisible to all, VersiJack adjustable pedestals perform a crucial supporting role to make the waterplay fountain possible at Clarke Quay, a unique hub of Singaporean nightclubs.
The constant 4mm gap between pavers allows water from the fountain to seemingly disappear upon contact with the paver surface. The pump mechanism and all cabling are safely hidden in the void created beneath the raised pavers. At dusk when the fountain comes alive with lights and colour, the area becomes a focal point for locals and visitors dedicated to finding good food and a good time.
30-Storey Elmich VGM Green Wall, Miro Residence, Singapore
Spanning a total area of 360m² across 30 storeys, the living wall was installed using the Elmich VGM Green Wall system. The concept of extending the living space beyond individual units is evident in the landscaped terraces with each panel of the Elmich VGM Green Wall forming the backdrop to individual terraces.
In addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits delivered by the green façade, the living walls shield the face of the building from the sun, cooling internal temperatures, which in turn saves energy consumption for air-conditioning.
Raffles Hotel, Dubai
VersiCell sub-soil drainage cells were positioned over the prepared roof, followed by a geotextile filter fabric layer and the planting soil. The cavity provided by the drainage cells facilitates the efficient drainage of water, preventing waterlogging and promoting healthy plant growth in the elaborate roof garden of the hotel. All VersiCells used in Australia are manufactured in Sydney.