Elmich Australia  introduces the new VersiPave 24 paving pedestal, improving on the original VersiPave GP design.

VersiPave 24 paving pedestals retain all the labour saving features of the industry-leading original design including adjustable and secure chocks, 4mm spacer tabs, perforated snap lines to allow for edge detailing without cutting tools as well as extenders that fit securely into place with no fuss.

The new range however, includes an integrated 10mm extender designed to save money on paving projects.

Traditionally when paving over a membrane, it is submerged under screed and sand, making remedial work challenging and costly. VersiPave 24 eliminates the need for screed and allows waterproofing and services to remain accessible. The integrated 10mm extender provides better range and design flexibility.

In addition to being lightweight and quick to install, the paving pedestals also eliminate ponding, algae and efflorescence from pavers.

Key features of VersiPave 24 paving pedestals:

  • Reduces material, construction and lifecycle costs
  • 24mm-45mm height range
  • Cavity to conceal services
  • 20mm and 40mm extenders available
  • Pedestals with extenders up to 105mm have >25kN compressive strength
  • Can be snapped in halves or quarters to enable perimeter detailing
  • Reduces building load, labour and logistic costs for better economy
  • 100% recycled
  • Accommodates inconsistent paver thickness
  • Suits most paving configurations
  • 10-year warranty