Elmich Australia designs, manufactures and markets landscape engineering products worldwide. The company was chosen recently for its waterproofing and green roof products, helping execute a Green roof project in Darlinghurst, NSW.

Due to flooding caused by roof leaks, degrading concrete and numerous issues around the roof top pool, the owners needed practical solutions to rescue this roof garden.  

Over the previous five years, specialists in waterproofing, tiling and pool refurbishment were all separately approached to carry out work. Due to the limited success of the work,  it became apparent that a holistic approach was essential to the success of the project.  

Landscape Architect, Mark Harper at Atlantis Design, had recently completed a similar project - Darlinghurst Intensive Greenroof - and so was an obvious candidate for the job.

Mark understood the needs of the strata and the occupiers and so could incorporate their expectations into his vision.

"I wanted to create a diverse range of spaces and planting bed types, and refine design elements from the previous rooftop project such as including an outdoor cabana area and shaded entertaining areas, sub-deck tree containers to shade pool deck areas and a more diverse range of plant species."

"The main driver for the project was to resolve an ongoing water leak though the roof into the office space below, and to address the existing concrete pool which was condemned due to concrete cancer."

"I specified Elmich waterproofing and green roof products because of my knowledge of the products from previous projects and the product warranty and technical support provided by the company."

In summary the roof refurbishment was a success, once the decision was made to address each element of the project in turn, to use products and materials that were designed specifically for this purpose and to invest in the long term future of the roof garden, this understated and elegant roof garden was realised in a matter of months.

Elimich Australia products that were used in the Intensive Green Roof project

VersiPave GP paver support
Elmich Australia's VersiPave GP is a lightweight and high strength plastic paver support that is designed to support paving slabs over waterproof membranes.

VersiPave paver support is engineered to support any paver in any configuration. It is easily adjustable from 24mm upwards, as it is designed to snap in half and quarters for edge and corner detailing.

SpiraPave decking supports
Decking supports were required around the pool area, again it was essential that the solution did not penetrate the membrane. Unique and versatile, SpiraPave decking supports are also adjustable - from 17mm to 84mm - to the nearest millimeter, and provides a solid foundation for decking bearers.

As with all Elmich paving and decking solutions, they are designed to compensate for falls on the membrane, creating a  level surface.  

VersiCell drainage cells
Lining all the planters, VersiCell drainage cells were used to ensure that rainwater can drain from the boxes efficiently. This ensured the health of the plants, preventing heavy rainfall from overwealming planterboxes and avoiding the problems associated with ponding water.