Available from Elmich Australia , CelluTank stormwater management modules are easy to install, and act as an efficient and cost effective stormwater management system for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

CelluTank is a modular, high strength underground infiltration or re-use modular stormwater tank. The underground water tanks provide an efficient at-source water management system for rainwater from roofs and other impermeable surfaces such as parking areas, driveways, playgrounds and sports fields.

Manufactured in Australia from recycled plastics, these modules contribute to environmental point credits on building projects.

CelluTank water management modules have a large unit volume capacity and are ideal for use under trafficable areas.

CelluTank stormwater modules simply clip together by the high strength large interlocking panels, helping to reduce assembly time.

The stormwater management modules are easily handled and once positioned will produce greater stability for the entire structure. Assembled units can be interlocked vertically thus ensuring the system remains stable even under trafficable areas.

CelluTank stormwater management systems can be supplied in several load-bearing capacities and can be used for individual houses as well as large commercial and industrial developments. The load-bearing capacity is increased with the use of additional proprietary 'stabilisers'.