Elmich unveiled four new products at the ArchXpo, an annual exhibition of architecture and the built environment. The Elmich booth ‘Sustainable Living Sanctuary’ was a major attraction, standing out at the exhibition for its unique design theme, which promised to look into the future of living spaces where visitors could gain a relaxing and educational experience.

The third edition of ArchXpo, held in late September 2016 saw 7,000 trade professionals in attendance with participation by 170 exhibitors showcasing architectural and built environment technologies, products and related services.

The Elmich booth designed in collaboration with La Conception had a nature-inspired colour theme and featured a raised deck flooring, a green roof exhibit and a lush double-sided green wall and swing door exhibit, all made using the company’s eco-friendly products.

Elmich used the ArchXpo platform this year to introduce new products to the market.

VersiWall GT

Manufactured from an extremely durable and fire-resistant material, VersiWall GT is suitable for both indoor and outdoor green wall installations.

VersiDrain 60P

A lightweight, inter-connectable modular tray used for extensive green roof systems to store and drain excess water, VersiDrain 60P features high water storage capacity cells that reduce irrigation frequency and minimise fertiliser runoff and usage. The perforations between water storage cells eliminate the possibility of waterlogging.

Bearer adaptor

Bearer adaptor is a compatible accessory for use with Elmich pedestals to fasten an aluminium bearer or joist without the need to drive a screw.

VersiWall GP (FR)

Manufactured from a special blend of fire-resistant materials that will not burn, release toxic emissions or smoke during a fire, the VersiWall GP is ideal for creating plastic green wall systems installed inside buildings.

Image: Green Roof mock-up using VersiDrain 60P and EVALON, a plant-root resistant waterproofing membrane