Aluminium stairs, platforms and grating have been manufactured by Elevated Safety Systems since 2004 as a response to a growing interest in Occupational Health and Safety for workers. All the aluminium products resist corrosion so they maintain quality and are long lasting. The stairs, platforms and grating are all flexible and will not cause fractures to the structures they are attached to either. Elevated Safety Systems manufactured aluminium products do not require the use of a crane for installation making them cost effective, as does the ease of on-site construction, reducing labour costs.

The stairs and platforms can be built on site in difficult locations and if the location changes, they can easily be relocated due to their light weight. The platforms can be used in waste water treatment plants, wineries, and cooling towers, and is versatile and flexible, making cleaning and maintenance simple.

The grating is suitable for air conditioning platforms because the aluminium won’t rust. Elevated Safety Systems grating can be used as infill around machinery, in water treatment plants, or as a hinge pit grate with flush fitting handles and lock. All the grating is lightweight but can carry a heavy load.