Elephants Foot Waste Compactors  manufactures and supplies an extensive range of recycling equipments including drum crushers, plastic rubbish bags, bin lifters and chutes. Rubbish bins, compactors, commercial compacting machines, garbage compactors and waste management are the range of recycling, waste reduction equipments and bailing machines are also manufactured by Elephants Foot Waste Compactors.

Elephants Foot Waste Compactors also offers a wide range of packers including container packer and bin packer. Container packer and bin packer from Elephants Foot Waste Compactors are manufactured to fit all size bins and facilitates with fully automatic operation.

Quality balers are offered by Elephants Foot Waste Compactors. The 1.5 Cubic Metre Low Profile Hydraulic Bale Press is ideal for cardboard, paper, plastic, foam, tins, drums and general loose rubbish.

Horizontal baler offered by Elephants Foot Waste Compactors includes PET Baler, HD 3.8 Baler, HD 3.8 Baler and HD 3.8 Baler. Elephants Foot Waste Compactors offers apartment waste chutes compactors including 240 litre bin compactor with carousel and 660 litre bin compactor with carousel.

Elephants Foot Waste Compactors supplies 205 litre drum crusher and 20 litre drum crusher. The 205 litre drum crusher is fully automatic and fits all sizes including 60, 20 and 4 litre drums. Featured with flame proof controls, the 205 litre drum crusher requires 415 volts power.

Drum crusher with 20 litre capacity is also fully automatic and fits other drum sizes including 20 and 4 litre drums as well as oil filters. This drum crusher needs 240 volts to operate.