A wide range of Meridian Audio products are available in the retail outlet of Electronic Enterprises . The wide product range includes transportable home entertainment systems like table tops, CD, DVD and so on. Electronic Enterprises offers Meridian loudspeakers that can be used in places like studios, and listening rooms. Besides this, Meridian book shelves are also offered by Electronic Enterprises.

A wide range of Denon products are also offered by Electronic Enterprises. These products include DVD players and changers, home theater systems, CD changers and recorders, A/V receivers and separates, micro systems, and so on.

The Denon home theater systems offered by Electronic Enterprises come with a guide that facilitates easy set up. The Denon executive micro systems from Electronic Enterprises come with a European tuned two way speaker and a subwoofer line level output.

Rega products are also available from Electronic Enterprises. The product line offered includes loudspeakers, tuners, turntables, CD players, amplifiers, and so on. The Rega CD players offered by Electronic Enterprises comes with a high-tech operating system optmises itself for each CD and these players also has ultra high memory capacity, which further enhances the product.