The new SkyLine combi oven by Electrolux Professional is designed to deliver outstanding performance. Featuring intuitive controls for simple use, the SkyLine combi oven has quickly become a favourite in professional kitchens all around the world.

The innovation continues with SkyDuo, Electrolux Professional’s Cook and Chill solution that offers seamless communication between the combi oven and blast chiller to make your kitchen more efficient, productive and stress-free.

SkyLine is proud to be the first ever oven to receive the independent 4-star certification for its ergonomic design and ease of operation, whilst the innovative SkyDuo Cook and Chill solution is an award-winning combination for energy efficiency and the many benefits it affords its end users.

What you can expect from a SkyLine combi oven

Featuring a human-centred design powered by smart technology, the SkyLine combi oven offers improved ergonomics, impeccable usability and fuss-free operation. A SkyLine oven can help reduce running costs and increase profitability in any professional kitchen with significant savings in time, labour, energy, water and chemicals.

Why chefs love the new SkyLine range

The new SkyLine combi oven produces high quality food with perfect consistency every time. Thanks to OptiFlow – the new circulation system – food is cooked perfectly and evenly. Plus, it’s possible to monitor the status and performance of the oven from anywhere, which is a big bonus in a busy kitchen. What’s more, the Plan-n-Save feature enables you to optimise the cooking order with the super-intuitive and simple-to-use touchscreen interface offering the opportunity for personalisation with favourite settings, menus and even pictures.

However, it’s the seamless link between cooking and blast chilling that has really improved the all-in-one food preparation process ensuring an optimal Cook and Chill experience. Perfectly synchronised and able to communicate with each other, the SkyDuo combination enables chefs to prepare top quality food in advance of service, efficiently and safely without ever compromising on taste.

A multi award-winning addition to your professional kitchen

Adding the new SkyLine combi ovens and blast chillers to your kitchen makes sense from both financial and performance perspectives. Since its release, SkyLine has received a string of honours and recognitions including the esteemed Good Design Award, the ‘Best of Market Award’ for energy efficiency in combination with the independent 4-Star ErgoCert certification, and the prestigious and internationally renowned Janus de l’Industrie award for innovative design and benefits for end users.

When it comes to quality, functionality, design and ergonomics, SkyLine really is at the top of its field. With over 40 years of experience in delivering excellence in combi ovens plus 100 years of heritage in commercial cooking equipment, Electrolux Professional is a global name you can count on well into the future.