As a hospitality industry professional, you must be using different kinds of appliances in your commercial kitchen, some regularly and others less so. Useful appliances are worth their weight in gold, and a blast chiller from Electrolux Professional could transform your cooking significantly.

Whether you work in the restaurant business, catering facility, a hotel or anywhere else in the hospitality industry, you seek to deliver your customers food that tickles their taste buds and leaves them wanting for more.

A blast chiller from Electrolux Professional will not only help to make your food taste better, but it can also make it last longer, minimising food wastage.

You can also use the SkyLine blast chiller with the SkyLine combi oven for a seamless and smoothly operating kitchen.

What does a blast chiller do?

A blast chiller is a welcome addition in any commercial kitchen. In simple terms, it cools the food quickly, and by doing this, it ensures that the food is safe for consumption and still tastes great.

Busy chefs know that they can save valuable time by preparing some of their food in advance, but to do this safely, the prepped food quickly needs to be chilled so that it does not spoil or become unsafe. Placing it in a refrigerator or freezer can change the temperature of your other ingredients – this is where a blast chiller comes in. It cools the food within ninety minutes.

When you blast chill your food, it can stay fresh in a refrigerator for five days, as well as up to twelve months in a freezer. This can help to make your budget stretch further and reduce food wastage.

Why choose a SkyLine blast chiller?

If you have the SkyLine combi oven, you are already familiar with its intuitive and easy operation. Visit here to discover equipment that can be used together with the SkyLine blast chiller to give you complete control in your kitchen – the equipment can be personalised to work for your commercial kitchen.

Connect your smart device such as a mobile phone or tablet to your SkyLine blast chiller and have real-time connectivity. You will also benefit from the full touch screen interface.

Ergonomically designed to reduce any pressure on your back when loading and unloading the equipment, it allows strain-free use, thanks to the design of the door.

There are different modes to suit all kitchens and chefs, including manual mode, programs mode and automatic mode. Whether you make the same menus, like to get creative in the kitchen and cook up a storm, or want to save time, rest assured, the SkyLine blast chiller will work with you.

Get your blast chiller from Electrolux Professional

There is always help and support on hand if you need it when you choose the SkyLine blast chiller – you can get real-time support directly from the blast chiller.

Now enjoy complete control over your kitchen, better food quality and less wasted time with the SkyLine blast chiller.