Singaporean students took out the 2005 Electrolux Design Lab award for the Airwash, a waterless washing unit that uses negative ions, compressed air and deodorants to clean clothes. The competition, open to students from around the world, was to create the most outstanding new appliance concept for the home of 2020.

By using atmospheric air and negative ions - a natural cleansing agent - Airwash fights dirt with nature’s own weapon. It is designed to be placed anywhere in the home, not only the laundry area. The simple user interface “floats” to wherever on the appliance the user wants.

The jury, which included Paula Antonelli, curator at the Department of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York; Johnny Grey, architect and one of the most influential kitchen designers in the world; Ilse Crawford, a creative director who sets new directions in design and Mark Armstrong, an industrial designer who is one of the founding principals of Blue Sky Creative.

All entries were judged on the following criteria: does the concept appliance solve the consumer’s needs as identified by the research?; does the concept appliance create a ‘wow’ effect, as well as appeal emotionally and intuitively?, does the concept appliance correspond to the Electrolux brand identity - innovative, trusted solutions for an easier and more enjoyable life?, and is technology, including that from other product areas, creatively applied.

Last year’s winners were students from Sydney’s UTS for the Rockpool dishwasher.

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