Electrolux Laundry Systems announces the launch of a new smart laundry solution designed specifically for small businesses.

Electrolux Professional introduces the new myPRO washer and dryer designed to bridge the gap between domestic and professional laundry systems.

Small enterprises are unable to meet everyday business needs using domestic laundry machines with their slow programs and inadequate results. A highly advanced professional solution, on the other hand, exceeds the demands of their business. This gap is now closed with the launch of the new myPRO washer and dryer system designed specifically to serve small enterprises.

Esther Staskiewicz, Vice President of Global Marketing at Electrolux Professional explains that myPRO provides a sustainable and reliable investment with higher durability, greater flexibility and best-in-class quality results on a sensible budget.

According to Francesco Maso, Head of Category Laundry at Electrolux Professional, the myPRO is the ideal laundry solution for the SME segment as the product development phase focussed deeply on long life, speed and quality. myPRO is also a green laundry solution as it significantly saves water, energy and money for the business.

myPRO washers and dryers offer several advantages over conventional domestic machines including three times longer lifetime due to more durable construction using professional components; up to 50% faster performance with professional programs; excellent results every time thanks to the unique Electrolux SpeedCare drum; and warranty for professional use.

Small hotels, bed & breakfasts and restaurants often have to deal with tough stains on tablecloths, high outsourcing costs, and getting linen washed, dried and replaced in time – everyday issues that cannot be tackled using domestic washers and dryers. The new myPRO frees up more time for the business owner to spend on what's at the heart of hospitality and increase the holiday experience for satisfied and trusting guests.

myPRO washers and dryers are also recommended for a host of small businesses including facility management companies, hairdressers and beauty salons, and sports clubs among many others.